"I attribute at least an extra quarter million a month from these calls!"
Eavesdrop on these A-list marketers as they privately swap their best money-making ideas every week...
For the first time ever... you too can listen-in to the HIGHEST-PAID marketers and copywriters on the planet as they discuss, analyze, and dissect the strategies and copywriting tactics being used within the most profitable marketing campaigns and funnels online today. 
Claim you seat before tomorrow's private gathering...
Todd Brown here...

Every Tuesday, a few dozen of the best marketers and copywriters on the planet get together for a private 30-minute discussion. 

I’ll tell you who these folks are in just a minute. 

The purpose of this weekly meeting? 

To analyze, dissect, and discuss the marketing strategies and copywriting tactics being used within the most profitable marketing campaigns and funnels online today. 

The meeting is hosted by the world-class direct response company, Agora Financial,
and attendees include many world-renowned marketing and copywriting pros, like: David Deutsch, John Forde, David Garfinkel, Brian Kurtz, Doberman Dan, Rich Schefren, and DOZENS of others. 
These private weekly discussions take place virtually, on Zoom so everyone can take part no matter where in the world they happen to be. 

France, Ireland, Italy, Brazil, Australia, you name it. 

And no matter what’s on my calendar, or how busy my schedule may be, I don’t miss a single one of these meetings. 


Here’s the thing… 
This is NOT open to the public 
Because these discussions are real, raw, and everyone and everything is completely transparent. 

Nothing is held back. 

Again, this is NOT some public training... 


So it’s not for the eyes and ears of the general public. 

In a minute, I’m going to tell you how… for the first time ever... you can get a private invite to be on these calls every week with us.
I want you to imagine the value and the insights you’ll gain as you listen-in to these marketing and copywriting pros swapping their best ideas… their best strategies... their best tactics… 
  • How they find captivating marketing hooks and Big Ideas...
  • How they design and engineer home run campaigns...
  • How they optimize ads, funnels, and copy... 
  • How they dial-in offers and design the perfect upsells… 
  • How they nail the opening of their campaigns for extreme engagement...
  • How they quickly fix underperforming campaigns...
  • How they design extremely effective ads...
  • How they craft wildly-engaging email copy...
  • How they maximize backend sales and profits...
  • ...and much, MUCH MORE!
All with real campaigns, real metrics, real copy... real live case studies.

And these calls are NOT canned presentations or monologue trainings. 

These are weekly no-holds-barred OPEN DISCUSSIONS. 

Even debates about how to push these already stellar marketing campaigns we’re reviewing to new heights of sales and profits. 

And even though these discussions are filled with world-class marketing and copywriting pros, they welcome and even encourage interaction and questions. 

So with your invite from me, you’re not just a fly-on-the-wall. 

You’re a participant. 

A full-fledged member. 

So you can talk to everyone... ask questions... share your own experience or opinion... or simply listen-in as some of the most valuable marketing and copywriting insights are hammered-out for 30 straight minutes every week. 

And, because you’re part of this private group…

You get full, transparent access to all the numbers and metrics for every campaign discussed. 

So you know everything we know. 

You get the price points of everything offered in the campaigns we’re discussing:

The sales conversion numbers...

The average order value...

The upsell take rates...

...even the lifetime customer value from these different campaigns. 

You can’t find this quality of insight and this transparent access to marketing and copywriting champions, anywhere else. 

And, frankly, if you could… knowing what I know from being on these discussions every week for the past year… an annual price tag of $5,000, $7,000, or even $10,000 would be a bargain. 
But You Can't Even Pay That To Get In!
Because, again, it’s NOT open to public

But because I’ve been given a limited number private invitations I can share with the sharpest marketers within my tribe, you can join the group and be part of our weekly private discussions all you need to do is contribute a tiny support fee of just $49 bucks a month. 

There’s no multi-thousand-dollar membership fee like there should be.

No 5K price-tag. 

And no fine print. 

Just cover the $49 monthly support fee and you’re a full-fledged member with us in this exclusive group. 

And, of course, you can cancel anytime if you feel like you’ve gotten all the value from the group you’ve wanted. 

Plus, when you join the group today, you also get instant access to...
A special report of the biggest marketing nuggets shared… all straight from my personal notes. 

This way, you’ll not only be privy to the most lucrative stuff discussed, you’ll also have several money-making gems you can use right away to pump more sales and new customers with what you’re already doing. 

You can’t buy this anywhere else. 

But, when you join the group today, you get the “Best Of Compendium” free.

And, you also get a second special report you can download right away...
The best part of this... it’s something which can work for you too no matter what your business, sales, or income looks like right now.  

At MFA, we've experienced annual growth of over 220%.

So a 125% growth or more in your revenue with this blueprint is almost guaranteed. 

And you can download this special report instantly after complete your registration today. 
There Is One Catch With This Offer:
Joe Schriefer, the one who runs the private group, will absolutely cut-off access to any new members and pull my ability to invite anyone else once the group gets too big. 

When that happens, I will no longer be able to get you in the group.

So, if you want in, complete your enrollment now. 

Remember, you get exclusive access to the private live weekly discussions with me and a few dozen top marketers and copywriters. 

You’ll hear every insight and gem shared. 

And you’ll get your copy of the “Best Of Compendium” and the “The One Thing Agora Financial Did To Grow Sales By Over 300%!” special report… 

...all for a tiny $49 a month

And, you can cancel anytime.

So, go ahead, if you want in, click the button below and grab your spot now while you still can.

See you on the next discussion,
Todd Brown :-)

P.S. YES... behind closed-doors, these A-list marketers are sharing stuff with each other they never talk about publicly. 

They hold their best stuff close to their chest when sharing with the general public. I think it's because they want to give value to their tribes... while saving their best gems and insights for themselves and high-paying clients.

But not on these weekly private get-togethers. 

Here, they're sharing the best stuff they've got. The stuff producing the big marketing wins. 

Whether it's out of ego or just a willingness to contribute the best of the best stuff to this exclusive group, you'll be privy to the most effective marketing nuggets the best marketers and copywriters in the world are using today.

Click here to get your spot while you still can.
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